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Job Seekers

At Cajetan Staffing we understand that change can be intimidating but also exciting.

People change jobs for a variety of reasons but most will fall under the category of career or personal growth

  • Maybe you aren’t being challenged at your current job or have you plateaued at a career level for your current employer?
  • Are you looking for more flexible hours, don’t like your commute or maybe you are looking to relocate?
  • Many people feel that the loyalty they give to their company is not being reciprocated.  Do you feel you are worth more or maybe you just don’t get along with your boss?

A recent Gallop poll showed that 70% of employees are not satisfied in their current jobs.  At Cajetan Staffing our goal is to lower that number by finding a job for you that meets your needs and just as importantly, gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

Please forward your CV to via this page and we will have Cajetan Staffing specialist call you within 24hrs.


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